Blink, Fenwicks, W1

Posted on September 10, 2009


Eyebrow threading, 15 mins, £17

Love this place. It’s not the cheapest option for eyebrows, but I rekcon it more than makes up for it in handiness, ease and time.

Blink Brow Bar has counters in Selfridges, Fenwicks, Harvey Nichols and the House Of Fraser in Westfield. The one in Selfridges is awesome, clean, neat and efficient; the one in Fenwicks is easy to find if you go in the back door off Brook Street.

Lovely Indian girls tidy brows, cheeks, lips, sideburns etc – all through the ancient and awesome art of threading – basically rolling threads between the fingers across the skin which pulls out the hairs. It’s quicker, neater and much less painful than tweezing.

Most appointments are walk ins, and they can see you immediately. Perfect.

Treatment: 5/5 – doesn’t hurt too much and the shape was perfect.
Venue: 5/5 – easy to get to anywhere in town, and walk-in appointments are handy.
Value: Eyebrows costs£17.
Would I pay for it again? Yes; and I have. Several times.

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