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Posted on October 5, 2009


SkinResponse Facial: 75 mins, £70

 A facial that targets your age, not your skin type: could this be a revolution? 

I’ve had a few facials in my time, and most of them have made me look good for about a day, until the effects wore off. Owner and founder of Ark Skincare, Shula Starkey explains why many facials are really a false face economy: “Our skin cells have a finite number of times they can regenerate and repair, a lot of facials will exfoliate your skin aggressively which means it will give you that desired fresh faced look and feel for a few days, but the payback of this is that you are actually aging your skin more quickly.”

Blimey, that’s rather alarming. At Ark they practice, ‘Age Aware Skincare’, treating your skin based on your age. You fall into one of three categories: Age Prepare (late teens to early 30s); Age Maintain (mid 30s to 50); Age Repair (50 and beyond) – but their products and treatments are so effective that if you have reached an age bracket too early – i.e. you’re 40 but your skin looks 50 – they can treat you over a course of weeks and get your skin back to looking like it should.

Ark’s new treatment rooms and shop on Kensington Church Street is the place to find out more, and get your hands on some of their amazing creams and serums. Their treatments are also come highly recommended – after mine my skin genuinely looked younger, fresher and healthier. And at £70 they’re no more expensive than other facials, and they’re a lot more effective.

Rating: 5/5

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