PamperedPauperPonders: Some thoughts on facials…

Posted on November 26, 2009


Well, in truth, there are only two types of good facials worth having:

1) Products
These are facials from salons/spas who usually make their own products and really know and care what they’re talking about. This facial noticeably helps you with your skincare routine, and provides you with products that make a difference to your skin.

2) Process:
This kind of facial is actually so effective that you leave the salon glowing with health and vitality; and you feel the effects for ages (when you walk into the pub your mates don sunglasses to properly marvel at the shiny fabulousness of your skin).

If you can find a facial that will do either of the above, you are set for life.

Check out Ark and Hydro Healing – two of my favourite facials.

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