Hydrohealing Spa, W11

Posted on December 12, 2009


Hydrodermabrasion Facial

I’m going jump right in here and say that I definitely recommend the hydrodermabrasion process exclusively at hydrohealing spa in Notting Hill (actually Ladbroke Grove to be specific).
It’s basically bad ass exfoliation. The therapist uses small droplets of water and oxygen, released at high pressure from a wand/pen thing to remove dead and aging skin cells. Basically it’s hardcore exfoliation with an intense process that almost takes your breath away, but it doesn’t hurt, and the effect is really quite incredible.

Then it’s finished off with a lovely face mask and an incredible relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Venue: 3/5 – not especially glam, rubbish part of Ladbroke Grove
Treatment: 5/5 – really impressive results, and it feels great too
Value: £80 a session, excellent value for money
Would I pay for it again? Yes, for a special occasion.