Innersound, W1G

Posted on February 10, 2010


Qui Acupressure

Qui is a Chinese acupressure treatment that claims to treat chronic fatigue, low energy, muscular pain, stress and insomnia. Location on Harley Street means the focus is on medical benefits rather than spa luxury. Treatment is intense, and not for everyone. Starts with an long handholding experience, where your therapist tells you all your ailments – mine was bang on, which impressed me. Then it’s onto a hard wooden bed for a fifteen minutes session of hard pressure massage. It hurts a bit, especially on your abdomen, and there’s a fair bit of groaning and burping (!) as the therapists attempts to channel your bad energy from you to them, and finally away. I did feel a little lighter; and I was impressed that she knew about my digestive problems and back ache from holding my hand and touching me. But the effect didn’t last that long. They do say that a regular programme of Innersound treatments claims to work through more serious issues.

Venue: 3/5 – it was just a bit self-righteous for me.
Treatment: 3/5 – it hurt, and it didn’t last. But it did work initially.
Value £80, for 20 mins. It’s a lot to pay for something that might  not work.
Would I pay for it again? No.