Home House, W1H

Posted on February 23, 2010


Facial Acupuncture

I had this facial treatment in a candle-lit room treatment room in the basement of members club, Home House. Therapist Annee de Mamiel – who treats patients either at Home House or Sloane Square – was professional, and clearly an expert. She asked me questions about my daily life,habits and personality. Then got on with the acupuncture, which concentrated on my shins and wrists – not my face – the point was to stimulate the energy channels to my face. Some of it hurt, but it wasn’t excruciating. There was a pressure massage which concentrated all over my body, especially my face.  The effects were lovely, and soothing, and lasted for ages. I felt fresh and revitalised.

Venue: 5/5 – lovely. Very chic.
Treatment: 5/5 – really excellent and soothing
Value: £60 – pricey, but you’re paying for knowledge.
Would I pay for it again? Yes