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The ABCDE of safe skin…

July 25, 2010


This just in from The British Assocation of Dermatologists – simple ways to check you skin for changes. Asymmetry – do the two halves of the area of skin in question. For example a mole of coloured patch, differ in shape? Border – are the edges of the area irregular or blurred, something showing notches? […]

Monday Makeover

July 23, 2010


Wellbeing Massage This was just sort of ok. The Chelsea Club looked alright inside, though was an ugly grey box from outside. The therapist was nice and friendly but wasn’t going to set the world alight. The Wellbeing Massage treatment itself was fairly standard – exfoliation, massage, lavender oil, head rub, deep breaths, done. The […]

Wednesday Wellbeing

July 10, 2010


A seriously feel-good skincare range, available at Liberty and Harvey Nichols. Their lovely creams, scrubs, body washes, shampoos and candles are entirely natural and handmade with lovely British-grown things such as comfrey, walnut shell, clary sage, bilberries and cowley spring water. They’re also free from anything artificial and haven’t been tested on bunnies. Yay!

Wellbeing Wednesday

July 4, 2010


AfterBurn This well-priced (£9) tube of soothing gel worked wonders with my really quite bad sunburn. It cooled my skin almost immediately, which was a great relief. After putting it on before bedtime my skin had definitely improved the next morning, and used three times that day the effects were impressive by the evening – […]