Monday Makeover

Posted on July 23, 2010


Wellbeing Massage

This was just sort of ok. The Chelsea Club looked alright inside, though was an ugly grey box from outside. The therapist was nice and friendly but wasn’t going to set the world alight. The Wellbeing Massage treatment itself was fairly standard – exfoliation, massage, lavender oil, head rub, deep breaths, done.

The Chelsea Club is definitely exclusive, but I didn’t bump into any WAGS, shame. It used Elemis products though, which is a bonus, as they’re consistently great.

Venue: 2/5 – ugly building, behind a football ground, not as swanky as it could have been.
Treatment: 2/5 – nice, but nothing special
Value: £60 a session, not worth being the wrong side of £50
Would I pay for it again? No.