Wellbeing Wednesday

Posted on September 9, 2010


AgeDefi Treatment

This is as far down the surgery route as I’ll go. It’s a non-invasive treatment for the body and face. On the body it’s been used to reduce cellulite effectively, for the face it also slims you down, but mainly brightens and tightens. A small pen device uses an electical pulse to momentarily open your pores and allow a treatment cream of natural products to penetrate right into your skin, not just into the top layer that most creams and masks do.It took 20 minutes, was entirely painless, and the difference was instant. Shop assistants commented on my skin. The surgery is on Harley Street – and is still the only place in the UK that does it – and is naturally, well posh. But it aint cheap. I mean really, aint cheap. So you’ve gotta wanna do it.  

Venue: 4/5
Treatment: 4/5
Value: £150 – it’s expensive, and you really need a course.
Would I pay for it again? No. Only it was amazing, but it was expensive.

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