Something for the weekend: Dorchester Spa

Posted on September 25, 2010


Breathe Easy Aromatherapy

The winter months play havoc with my chest and sinuses, and as we’re coming into Autumn I already feel the sniffly, bunged head onset of a cold. So an aromatherapy ‘breathe easy’ treatment seemed just the thing to sort me out. And it was. It’s a mainly face down massage, focusing on the back, then scalp and neck. They use strong aromatherapy oils from Aromatherapy Associates who I love. Particualr highlights included the hot water infused with cleansing eucalyptus and tea tree which I inhaled during the session. And the lavender oil used on my head was really soothing. The spa is immense – think sweeping staircases, pearl inlayed lockers, silk robes and slippers, splendiferous sofas and relaxation areas, lots of free top quality products in the changing rooms. It’s proper posh.

Venue: 4/5 – gloriously decadent; but I did feel a bit like a tramp in a palace.
Treatment: 4/5 – my head and chest felt clear and light; the massage hurt quite a bit that’s more down to my tight muscles than anything else.
Value £60, for 55 minutes. Excellent value.
Would I pay for it again? Yes.