September Round-Up…

Posted on October 1, 2010


September is always an epic month, summer’s over, everything is launching, rebranding, changing, leaves are off the trees, scarves are on the shelves. It’s a new season and I LOVE IT.

Autumn is without doubt my favourite time of year, I love it when boots are in the shops again and  I can design entire outfits around my new scarf. Makeup gets darker and deeper, and there are planty of cold evenings where I can while away the hours soaking in an Aromatherapy Associates bath, before lathering myself in rich Elemis moisturiser and hunkering down under my feather duvet. Perfection.

So what has September brought us?


Discovering how much I love my healthy mornings, a good swim, a cup of tea and fruit and yoghurt for brekkie with the morning papers, followed by repairing to my desk and getting on with work is a great start to the day.

My Ayurvedic massage at Blink, especially when I messed up the timings and arrived half an hour late. The therapist was too polite to tell me I was late and gave me a short massage anyway. Then the lovely lovely PR gals at GabrielleShaw PR reorganised the massage so I could have the full half hour. Legends.

Getting a stash of amazing Benefit makeup through the post when I got home last week. Can’t wait to spruce myself in One Hot Minute. And I love the Rush Hour cheek and lip pen, perfect for handbags.


The weather has sucked. It’s so wet that my hair is either frizzy, or damp and shapeless, and all my little ballet pumps are ruined. Autumn should be golden glows and burnt orange leaves falling from the trees. Not soggy, grey mush. That’s November territory. Dammit.

Cheryl Cole’s ratty hair extensions. Just no, Cheryl. Enough already. Leave. The. Locks. Alone.

The annoying sales girls at Benefit and Urban Decay, they make me nervous, and then they just make me cross. They worry at their customers like dogs at bones and don’t manage to upsell so much as guilt or patronise you into buying. It’s lucky really that their products are so good they withstand this awful service.

How dry my skin is since I started swimming, it’s like cracked earth sometimes.

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