Make Up Monday: Paul & Joe creamy matte foundation

Posted on October 11, 2010


I have developed an instant and probably lasting crush on Paul & Joe beaute. Not only is their make up really good, but it’s So. Damn. Pretty. Every little box of foundation, primer, eyeshadow, even moisturser is like a hymn to loveliness. It just gives me pleasure every time I use it. Their new Autumn launched creamy matte foundation in six different shades is really something special. I’ve been trying out their latte shade, and it’s smooth and substantial enough to give you good coverage and colour without needing primer or bronzer, great if you’re in a rush (another good handbag staple I reckon). I’ve been using it on my face for the last week and there’s been no sign of spots, or build up, and it stays the course all day. It does take some time to blend and smooth on, but it’s worth the effort. £28.