Wellbeing Wednesday: My One Green Bottle

Posted on October 13, 2010


I love this brand. Their products are natural, organic and aromatherapy based skincare, with an emphasis on ‘nature knows best’ philosophy. They have a range of mini serums, such as eye magic shea butter, blackbcurrant moisturiser and troublesome skin salve. They also do toners, cleansers and body products, moisturisers, bath milk etc. My favourite thing they do is their Citrus Refining Lotion, £14, 100ml. It smells fresh and clean, exactly what you want from a cleanser and leaves my skin feeling tightened and smooth. I also love their Berry Beautiful daily moisturiser £15, 10ml, which comes in  handy slimline bottle which I always have in my handbag. With prices starting at £11 -£16, it’s a middle of the range, well priced set of products, whose natural credentials mean it’s a really safe choice, especially if you have sensitive skin. Find out more.