Face up: refresh your skin after a night on the tiles

Posted on November 17, 2010


The Powder Lounge is a glam (note, not ‘glamour’) girl’s staple destination for lashes and brows. And apparently, founder and director Shahena Ali is not just a pretty face. In fact she totally knows her stuff, and she has kindly furnished this grateful Pampered Pauper with ten brilliant top tips for surviving winter and stemming the hangover tide of dark eyes and dull skin with treatments and tips you can do at home armed with nothing more than some brown sugar and a teaspoon. Genius.

This week: top tips for tired faces

  • Give the blusher a miss and try a 10 minute walk outside, in fresh air and sunshine, for a fantastically free way of getting your regular dose of Vitamin D and to boost circulation around the body as well as to the face. It lifts your mood, gives your skin an oxygen boost, and adds a fresh and rosy glow to your face that simply can’t be beaten.
  • After a night, or a few nights, out, it is best to hydrate your skin. I find a facial oil is more effective than a moisturiser, especially natural oils such as rose oil or argan oil. If you use a serum or water mist before putting the oil on, the water is drawn deep into the skin as the oil provides a barrier. Massaging the oil in will also boost circulation and give you a glow.

Thanks to Shahena Ali at The Powder Lounge. www.thepowderlounge.co.uk