A little brand I know…

Posted on November 22, 2010


I’ve been sent a few samples recently from brands that are probably not new, but are new to me, and some them are really special. So here’s a little round up of some autumnal treats i’ve been enjoying.

Bloom and Blossom: a really super little brand, available exclusively through Space:NK, Harrods and a couple of spas and boutiques in London. It’s a range for mothers and babies, and I love everything about it. The branding is gorgeous, a capital B with a baby lowercase b curled inside it. The ingredients list is the most sensational thing i’ve come across – in a good way. It lists exactly how many ingredients are in each product, including what they are and why they’ve been included. The range includesstratch mark cream, facial spritz, moisturising oils and balms. www.bloomandblossom.com


Occo: A lovely, luxurious new brand with a focus on natural products and the wild outdoors. Occo is exclusive to Harrods have developed a range of bath and spa products designed to ‘balance, relax, rejuvenate, soothe, awaken and energise your senses’. I love their hand and body washes, and especially their bath oils which smell divine and left my skin feeling silky smooth. They also do some lovely soothing face serums and creams. The packaging is exotic and stylish, would make super Christmas presents. www.occo-online.com

Sarah Chapman, Skinesis: This is high-end stuff, around the £50+ mark for most products, but they are really lovely. The intense hydrating booster is excellent, a smooth serum that you can put on as a booster, or mix with your mosturiser. It’s been excellent with my dry winter skin. Sarah Chapman also offers facials at her salon in Chelsea. www.skinesis.com


Nephria: A capsule collection at this stage, the Nephria range includes a lovely Beauty Soap Bar, Jade Serum and Activating Moisturiser. Nephria is made using real Nephrite (Jade Powder), pure oils from apricot, olive and jojoba and high concentrations of chitosan and Vitamin E. The serum which I have tried is really lovely, it smooths, hydrates and drenches your skin in a fresh, healthy glow. Using it daily has left my skin feeling really smooth and healhty. Branding wise it’s simple and classic, channelling the jade hue, with gold twists. Available online. www.newbertrevolution.com