Body beautiful: homemade kickstarts for early mornings

Posted on November 30, 2010


Shahana Ali from The Powder Lounge gives a classic top tip for awakening tired, dull looking skin on the face or body.

Ttry exfoliating with a home-made brown sugar face and body scrub. Brown sugar is wonderful as a gentle exfoliant, having small, dissolvable grains which possess a natural antiseptic quality, making it perfect for oily, congested skins as well as those with dry or sensitive skin.

The scrub is quick and easy to make and adds a glow to tired skin by revealing the fresher, newer skin underneath. This new skin reflects
light more readily, and gives a moist, rejuvenated and dewy effect to the skin.  You can make the face scrub using a heavier oil (e.g. Olive oil instead of Sweet Almond Oil) if you want to make a gentle scrub for a more potent exfoliating effect for body scrubs, use a little cold water, instead of oil, with handfuls of brown sugar, leaving the skin silky smooth.