Eyes open, wide awake: freshen up tired eyes

Posted on December 6, 2010


It’s less than a month to Christmas. It’s December. It’s party central, i’m on deadline, my eyes are struggling to stay open. Enter Shahana Ali my eye knight in shining eyelashes. I heart her. So should you.

This week: top tips for tired eyes

  • To give your eyes a more wide-awake look, keep a couple of metal teaspoons in the fridge and apply them to the eye area on days when you need to send those under-eye bags packing. Place the back of the chilled metal teaspoon against the under eye area for 30 seconds, for some instant and cool relief from tired eyes and to deflate bags quickly. You can even try storing your usual eye cream or eye gel in the fridge and use the chilled cream or gel as a luxurious alternative!
  • To make eyes look less bloodshot and to make your eyes look instantly wider, brighter and more sparkly, apply a cream-coloured or flesh-toned eye pencil to the inner rim of the upper and lower eye-lid. This reduces the effects of late-nights, lack of sleep and is a great short-cut to faking a good night’s sleep, creating the illusion of wider, brighter eyes.
  • Apply a light, cream coloured, pale pink or lilac, pearlescent eye-shadow, and then a smudged light or dark brown eyeliner to the upper eyelid to ‘lift’ the eyes and create a brighter, fresher look, which will divert attention away from any signs of tiredness underneath the eyes.

Thanks to Shahena Ali, founder and director, The Powder Lounge www.thepowderlounge.co.uk