The Lash Effect: how to get the most out of fake eyelashes

Posted on December 20, 2010


The amazing Shahana Ali at The Powder Lounge is THE expert in false eyelashes. And she knows her shit. Check out her top advice if you’re going all DIY with your lashes this Christmas.

This week: How to get the most out of false eyelashes

To make your eyes look wider, sexier and more awake use eyelash extensions. Place medium-length lashes in middle of eye, and longer lashes on outer corner, as this makes your eyes look longer and wider, and so more feline and sexier. Angelina Jolie does this a lot! Holiday lashes. This will instantly make you look striking and fresh.

Did you Know? The Powder Lounge offer Bespoke Outer Corner lash extensions which last up to two months, as well as Weekend and Holiday lashes if you want the look for a special occasion. They’re a great salon and I love them.

Thanks to for the incredible lash image.

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