“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a lot of beauty mumbo jumbo trying to make sense of it all.”

Who are you?

I’m a London-based journalist. I write about beauty products, spas, health, fitness and wellness.

What do you do? 

I round-up things I love into handy groups and lists, aiming to give you the best of the best. I also do the occasional review, if there’s something really unique, or something that I really rate, but mainly I write features on anything from the best muscle soaks and the top cleansers to the ultimate handbag essentials and hottest seasonal colours. There’s lots of really great beauty blogs out there that review products and spas in lots of amazing detail, so you may as well read those if you want the deep and dishy lowdown on the latest age defying miracle cream. Then come here for recommendations, round ups and general beauty babble.

Why are you doing this?

Currently, there are more beauty products and services out there than you can poke a pair of tweezers at. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on it, something opens, something closes, something else rebrands and we’re awash with a whole host of new solutions for the overwrought, overworked London lass. I group things together in ways that makes it simple for you to choose between ten different handcreams or decide what you actually need to put in your gym bag.

Yeah but how do YOU know what you’re talking about?

I’ve written about beauty and health for over five years in several national publications. I reckon I’m also a good benchmark for most women – ie, I’m not a WAG and therefore cant be bothered /can’t afford don’t have time to get my nails done every week and my hair styled every time I leave the house. But I’m also a girl who cares about how she looks and feels, so I will pay for and regularly make use of treatments and products to pamper and preen myself. I strike a healthy balance.

Ok, so how do you decide what’s good?

I have a simple judgement system for products and treatments, which pretty much involves me asking myself a hell of a lot of questions.

Is the product effective? How long does it last? Does it look nice? What does it smell like? Was it worth the cost? Do I like the brand’s ethics/ethos? What about it’s green credentials? And crucially, would I recommend it to anyone?  

For treatments I look at what the spa or salon was like, was it clean? Did I feel pampered? Was it a ballache to get to? Were the staff nice, and informative? And I think about the actual treatment, did it last long enough? What did it cost? Did it do what it said it would? How long did the effects last? Would I pay for it again? Would I recommend it?

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