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Wellbeing Wednesday: super solutions for aching muscles

October 27, 2010


There’s nothing worse than having aching muscles, sore legs, bad backs or a tight neck. And usually, if you exercise a lot (or have a handbag that weighs more than a small child, like me) this will happen quite a lot. Now obviously I’m not saying lugging a heavy handbag around is ok, nor is […]

Wellbeing Wednesday: My One Green Bottle

October 13, 2010


I love this brand. Their products are natural, organic and aromatherapy based skincare, with an emphasis on ‘nature knows best’ philosophy. They have a range of mini serums, such as eye magic shea butter, blackbcurrant moisturiser and troublesome skin salve. They also do toners, cleansers and body products, moisturisers, bath milk etc. My favourite thing they […]

Wellbeing Wednesday: All for Eve

October 6, 2010


Every now and again a product falls into your lap that makes you feel good. For the right reasons. All for Eve is one of those brands. All for Eve basically works with lots of other lovely brands to make beauty anbd lifestyle products which it then sells, with all net profits going to The […]