Tantrum Hair Salon, SW10

Posted on February 7, 2010


Tantrum is, quite simply, a posh hair salon for kids. Think dragons on the walls, cars and areoplanes as seats, tv screens in front of every chair, a toy train and track on the ceiling, a play area with toys, lollipops, bars selling juice, Nintendo, Wii, makeup parties and lots of lovely products.

It looks ace, and the test two year I took along loved it. As did all the other little ‘uns there. Not a teary eye in the house. It aint the cheapest, and it’s in Chelsea, yawn, but it’s a good concept that works.

Venue: 5/5 – can’t even blame it for being in Chelsea cos there’s a section in Selfridges
Treatment: 3/5 – good haircut, it’s the experience that makes it worth it though.
Value: £20 a cut, but you know what you’re paying for, and it’s a lot.
Would I pay for it again? Yes.