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Body beautiful: homemade kickstarts for early mornings

November 30, 2010


Shahana Ali from The Powder Lounge gives a classic top tip for awakening tired, dull looking skin on the face or body. Ttry exfoliating with a home-made brown sugar face and body scrub. Brown sugar is wonderful as a gentle exfoliant, having small, dissolvable grains which possess a natural antiseptic quality, making it perfect for […]

A little brand I know…

November 22, 2010


I’ve been sent a few samples recently from brands that are probably not new, but are new to me, and some them are really special. So here’s a little round up of some autumnal treats i’ve been enjoying. Bloom and Blossom: a really super little brand, available exclusively through Space:NK, Harrods and a couple of […]

Face up: refresh your skin after a night on the tiles

November 17, 2010


The Powder Lounge is a glam (note, not ‘glamour’) girl’s staple destination for lashes and brows. And apparently, founder and director Shahena Ali is not just a pretty face. In fact she totally knows her stuff, and she has kindly furnished this grateful Pampered Pauper with ten brilliant top tips for surviving winter and stemming the […]

Look, do we really need all this stuff?

November 12, 2010


As a beauty journo and sometime blogger I have started using a LOT of products on my skin in the last couple of years, and while some of them have been amazing, some of them have made my skin worse, or done nothing at all. But with ALL of them, I am sometimes flummoxed and […]

Girl Friday: Sporting essentials for water babies

November 5, 2010


I swim about three or four times a week, and I love it. But man alive it plays havoc with my hair and skin. It’s so so dry these days. So, what has been saving my skin, literally, since I became a veritable water baby? (With a lot less grace, and a considerable amount less strange […]

The great debate: To exfoliate or not to exfoliate?

November 3, 2010


I have heard so much contradictory information about exfoliating that I really do find it hard to know what to do for the best. Should you do it every day, or never? What should you use? What about facials? What if you have sensitive skin? It’s a veritable exfoliant minefield. So here are three rules/top […]