Tuesday Newsday: the power of water

Posted on September 28, 2010


Willow water, reducing wrinkles.  A clinical study out this week has shown that a certain type of water from the Lake District helps improve the appearance of wrinkles. The eight week study recorded that wrinkles in men and women aged 24-43 reduced by 24% when they drank 1.5litres of Lake District Willow water. Results were measured with a high resolution camera and skin analysis tools.  However it does also note that those drinking a placebo water saw a reduction in wrinkles of 19%. I think it’s alsways been common knowledge/believe/urban legend that drinking water is good for your skin, (amongst numerous other things). So it’s certainly good to have it confirmed. Whether it really proves that this is better than anything else for reducing wrinkles I’m not so sure. Still, at £20, 12 x 1.5ml, it’s not the most expensive water in the world. And it’s probably worth a shot.

Home pedicure from Germany. And launching on Friday is a foot care range from Germany, which straddles the divide between luxury treat and medically proven. Saicara Heavenly Care for feet, which will be available on Amazon, is focusing on the natural end of the spectrum, and mentions various botanicals and vitamins in its release info. The general aim is to provide both a series of products that fit all types of requirements – everyday care, delicate skin, freshness and relaxation – and an affordable range that can be used for a full DIY pedicure at home. With moisturisers, foot soaks, peels and oils all hovering around the £6-£10 mark, it’s a middle to low end concept, which should make an affordable solution, especially if it can deliver on quality. Pictured, Foot Bath Relax, £9.50, 200ml.

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